March 22, 2013


Yep, I'm a quitter.  I've decided to break up with my job as a Mary Kay consultant.  If this were really a relationship, I'd say "It's not you, it's me!" because I LOVE the products.  I just don't have the time/mental capacity/motivation to sell it now that I have another (at-home) job and Ava to take care of, not to mention that the last thing I want to do on a Thursday night is leave my loves to go to my weekly meeting and talk about trips I can't take and goal-setting. 
     Here's the dealio - if I could do it all over again, I think I would. But differently.  I shouldn't have started out with SO MUCH dang product. See below:
I started out with this much inventory because when I started I had a whole summer of nothing ahead of me and planned on doing tons of parties and getting rid of lots of it! Well, little did I know, it took forever to meet people here and talking to strangers was not as easy as I thought it would be.  So here I was stuck with all this product and wanting to order some of the NEW, exciting stuff Mary Kay was coming out with but not allowing myself to because I had already spent plenty on what I already had and wasn't selling.  If I did it again, I would have started with the most basic inventory and then ordered when I needed to, which also would have kept my status ACTIVE, which I haven't been since like September.   Now that I have another job that still lets me stay home with my baby, I haven't been motivated to do parties or anything and I simply need to simplify.
   Anyway, I have until April 18th to send my products back to the company for a 90% refund (of what I paid for it all - so still not all my money back, but the money I've made from selling fills in the 10%). I obviously want to ship as little back as possible, so I had a big open house on Saturday and discounted everything 40-50% off and it was great! I had lots of ladies come, or place orders via text/Facebook. Thanks to everyone who came, my amount of products have gone from two big 18 gallon tubs to one large cardboard box. Hopefully I can get rid of even more in the next month.
       Of course, I'll need to reserve myself some cleanser/moisturizer/microdermabrasion/satin hands/ultimate mascara to last me for the next couple years because I just love it so much :)

              Devin's days of asking me "when are you going send all this back?" are almost over.

On another note: I went to a Pampered Chef party last night and it was SO fun :) We played games, ate a delicious potato soup and molten lava chocolate cake she made in the microwave with their new line of stoneware baking. That's my kind of party.  Not to mention, their products are fantastic.  I want to host one, so if anyone wants to come or order through my party let me know, you can have the products shipped right to you! Pin It


  1. Well I'm glad you were able to sell a bunch of your stuff at the Open House. It's definitely better to "quit" on something than do everything half-way, ya know?

  2. Or just be too overwhelmed with anything. I think it's great that you realized that!