April 3, 2013

Devin's 28th Birthday!

It's great to be 28!
This is Devin looking wise as he becomes another year older. ha! 
We celebrated in Declo while we were there for Easter this past weekend and his siblings were so generous :) Lots of ammo, some root beer, a "range-finder" (something to help see your targets better), and some treats for the long drive home. 
Devin's birthday was on Tuesday but we did most of our celebrating on Monday, such as going to Chili's for lunch with a gift card from his parents -Ava loved the table design, apparently- We also did some shopping.  I love shopping with Devin. Even if we don't buy anything, I love seeing what he likes and he always finds the best stuff!  The movie date night on Monday night was the perfect ending to the day :)

 On Tuesday, his real birthday, he went and helped give a blessing to his friend's grandma.  It's the second blessing he's given in the past 3 days and I love him for being worthy to hold the Priesthood to do so.  And for being willing without complaining.  I love birthdays because it makes me think about all the things I love about the person, so I especially loved Devin yesterday :)
 We also went to Denny's for a free birthday meal for breakfast and I spent the day wrapping presents to greet him when he came home from work.  That softball bat he got is for use in a city league that we'll be playing in this Spring - can't wait to watch him!  He got some new fishing stuff for this summer, a movie ticket, some things for washing his new truck, a hunting book, a sweet new shirt from Eddie Bauer our favorite store, and a new small travel bag.  
   My parents sent some money for us to spend on dinner that night so we went to Johnny Carino's and stuffed ourselves with bread, calamari theirs is the bomb, and a yummy balsamic chicken dish! Between Easter and birthday festivities, we've been eating good in the hood the past couple days. I took the picture above because I love that Devin has to have a knife when he eats spaghetti even if there's no meat involved. He spent the rest of the night playing Call of Duty: Zombies with Race, while Ava and I went to a relief society activity.  
   With the added beautiful weather, we've had a great couple of days and I am so thankful he is my partner forever and ever! 

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  1. Happy birthday to Devin! We love Eddie Bauer too...