February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

I do not have a picture of anything I ate on Valentine's Day because it was all so delicious we were too busy enjoying it :)  We woke up and and had french toast with nutella, strawberries, and whipped cream. yum. I gave Devin a couple pictures in frames of me and him and of Ava for his new office, along with some flamin' hot cheetos. his fave. He gave me some freshwater pearl earrings/necklace. pearls are my favorite accessory and these match really well with the bracelet he gave to me right before we got married! 
We got dressed up and went to Papa Joe's in Boise for dinner.  It was an awesome little Italian place that had cool tables and chairs and brightly colored walls, the menu was simple (easy decision making) but food tasted delicious!  (The sodas were awful, however. Just get water) We switched roles a little in our food choices - Devin got seafood linguine and I got a meatball sandwich and fries, haha.
The plan was to go to U-Swirl frozen yogurt afterward but we were pretty stuffed, so to pass some time we stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods to fantasize about all the fun outdoor things we want to do in the future. We looked at kayaks and canoes and pop up tents for shade on the beach and...guns and ammo.  Can't have a sporting goods stop without stopping by the gun section. We spent enough time there that I took way too many goofy pics of myself while waiting for him and our stomachs were finally ready for fro-yo.

A valentine's day tradition.  See HERE for our first married Valentine's Day :)
This time with baby, although she slept through dinner, shopping, dessert, and a redbox movie at home. I had to wake her up to eat before we went to bed!  Such a chill day, just how we like it.
We went and brought Devin pizza for lunch today at his office and he got to show Ava her picture and what he does for work!
And yes, Devin shaved his mustache for me and he decided to buzz his hair.  Quite spontaneous, he is.
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  1. You look gorgeous, Claire! Looks like you three had a fabulous valentines day. Ava is getting so big! :)