February 14, 2013

Conversation Heart Cookies

I posted a pic on Instagram yesterday of 4 bowls, each with a different colored sugar cookie dough in them and asked people what they thought they were going to be. I got icing, "a tie-dye cake?", and cookies.  Cookies, yes. But not just any cookies.
 Conversation Heart Cookies made using my William-Sonoma Cookie Cutter :)
I got the idea from Pinterest, but specifically THIS BLOG POST

The William-Sonoma cookie cutter set comes with this heart shape, a star, and a rectangle with cute scalloped edges.  It also comes with a little bag of phrases like Thank You, I Love You, Welcome, etc. and letters to be able to make your own phrases. This was a fun thing I picked up with some gift card money from our wedding and it's my first time using them.  I love it!

Things to do differently next time:
-Not put so much flour in the dough - it shouldn't have been so firm that I didn't need much flour for rolling, etc and they weren't as melt-in-your-mouth-sugar-cookie-y as I had hoped.I don't have much sugar cookie experience though, so I didn't realize how soft the cookie dough is supposed to be before chilling.
-Roll thicker. They are more forgiving when they bake and they have a puffier look to them
-Put a glaze on top everywhere except for the words Pin It

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