February 21, 2011

Valentine's Day Weekend

           Friday night we got together with some friends and treated ourselves to Cafe Paesan, a new restaurant in Orem owned by the same people who own Cafe Rio.  They do the assembly line style serving and everything, except they serve pasta and other italian dishes.  We got a pesto chicken pasta with a balsamic vinaigrette salad (who do you think picked that? yep, me.) and it was delicious!! 

      Afterward we went to a BYU Hockey game vs. University of Utah with our friends the Dicksons, their friends, and our friends, Jordan and Corina...it was kind of a quadruple date and us and everyone there only knew one other couple :)  Prior to the game Devin bought a "chuck a puck" puck for a $1(buck); the point is to hold your puck until the break between periods where they have this contest to see who can "chuck their puck" the closest to the middle of the rink. 
-Devin DID chuck his puck to the very middle of the rink, but then got knocked by someone else's and got scooted over a little bit but he STILL got 3rd place, which ended up being 2 free meals at Noodles & Co! :)
-We saw our money's worth of action in the game...the best part!
-BYU won! :)
Then we all went back to Mike and Jenna's for some hot chocolate and a couple rounds of (my favorite game) Scattergories!  Devin and I were a great team, totally dominated in the second round! 

We went to a Valentine's Dance on Saturday night that our stake held.  There was a live band that played some great classics, so we had to get our groove on which we haven't done in forever.  We also took advantage of the free photo booth with Mike and Jenna.


It just so happens that our 6 month anniversary falls on Valentine's Day :)
Personally, I'd rather celebrate that.

All my favorites: chocolate covered pretzels, goldfish, slenderize fuze, and pretty flowers!
I got us tickets to a Jazz game against the Philadelphia 76ers :)

 (The first time he gave me flowers was for my birthday last year and I was so proud of him for knowing that I love bright, happy flowers...I have loved getting daisies and lilies from him ever since)

He took me to Noodles & Co. for a delicious meal of Penne Rosa, tomato basil soup, and Japanese pan noodles.
Stopped by Yozone on our way home for some dessert...which was our first date, except we have come to realize that there are much better froyo places in Provo now.  We just had to go for the novelty.
Last but not least, we reminisced on our first movie together by watching...
The Scarlet Pimpernel!!
(Please ask Devin to recite to you the poem in this movie, he'd be delighted)
XOXO to all our family and friends!

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  1. Love the photo booth pics! I'm so glad you took advantage of the noodles & co win. I love that place! Looks like you guys had a great valentines day (good call with the Jazz tickets ;) ).

  2. Aw Corina THANKS! haha, I give props to you :) Hope you guys had a great day, I saw your pizza pictures - looked so good! AND your Toms are adorable, so jealous :)

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  4. Haha... so I was just reading your blog, and my husband peeked over and saw the line of your husband reciting the poem from The Scarlet Pimpernell... and he started reciting it!! haha hilarious. I had know idea... thanks for brining that out in him :) haha

  5. hahaha! that's awesome Abby, I don't know what it is that intrigues them so much but I like it.

  6. What a fun Vday/half anniversary! I hear you are pretty busy with school, truck driving, and work--so glad you are also taking time out to enjoy yourselves :) You deserve it! I need to watch Scarlet Pimpernel again . . .