January 4, 2013

Proud Mom Moment

Had a work lunch at noon on Thursday and went to get Ava ready to go at 11:30 only to feel a big wet spot on the front of her onesie....just as I expected, her front was full of poop and I was not about to try and pull that onesie up and over her head with no time for a bath. So, I grabbed the scissors and cut that bad boy off of her.

This has been one of many moments where I look back and think "where did that come from?" I would never have thought to do that had you given me the situation before I had her. Since i've become a mom though i have found myself in situations where I have to think quick on my feet and it all works out.

There are so many things I "planned" on doing as a mom or said I wouldn't do that I've now thrown out the window. But I'm okay with it because I know now what works for us :)

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  1. Quick thinking! I will admit that after three kids and who knows how many blow-outs, I have never thought to cut it off of them. I probably could have avoided lots of messes if I had!!

  2. Yay I'm so glad you have an update! I can't believe little Ava--she has changed so much from Thanksgiving. She is ADORABLE. Geting more and more cute, if that is possible--I can't wait to see her again! Smart idea about cutting off the onsie--way to be calm and collected.