January 2, 2013

2012, We Love You!

Yes, we still have a baby and a life and lots of fun things to report, but they haven't quite made their way to the blog.  SOON!  To see Ava pics, check out Facebook or Instagram @clairejharper/@monsieurharper.
2012 will probably go down in the books (our book, anyway) for being the best year ever!
  • JANUARY: Preschool student teaching! Devin's job driving for BYU's The Ryde.
  • FEBRUARY: New niece -Wynn! Intramural basketball.  Nikon D80 present.  50 pg Teacher Work Sample, gag. 
  •  MARCH: We're pregnant! 1st grade student teaching. March mustache. BYU Jazz Synthesis concert.  Jimmer-nation.
  •  APRIL: Devin's 27th Birthday! Bountiful Temple on 20 month anniversary. Easter in Declo. My mom came. My BYU graduation.  Moved to Boise. Became a Mary Kay consultant. 
  • May: Devin started a new job! First ultrasound. First Mothers' Day. Devin built me a lounge chair for mother's day. Garrett came home from his mission. Week-long reunion in Declo.
  • JUNE: New car! Grew a little belly. Made cool treats. Devin's first fathers' day. Devin gave up soda.
  •  JULY: It's a girl! Heard inspiring words about our nation's liberty. 4th of July at Eagle Beach. Camping at Sublett. Harper reunion in Sun Valley. Devin's work trip to Seattle for MozCon. My girl trip to Utah for shopping/play. 

  •  AUGUST: 2nd anniversary rafting and Olive Garden! New grill and raft. Floated Boise River.  Established great friendships. Rafted Payette River with friends. Devin's backpacking trip. PA friends visited. Cassia county fair.  Greenbelt trail. 
  •  SEPTEMBER: Third Trimester! Devin got a pontoon boat. Lake Cascade. Boating. Marissa & kids come to the Boise zoo. Devin rocks the organ at church. I tame the little ones in primary.


  • OCTOBER: I turn 23! Conference in Declo. Trip to BYU for Homecoming. Baby shower. Devin shot a deer. Lots of fall activities with friends (with trips to Krispy Kreme after every one).  Great Halloween costumes. 
  • NOVEMBER: Ava's birth! Baby prep. Dates before baby: Chik Fil A, shopping, movie, bowling. Call of Duty/Black Ops 2 came out. Spent a week in the hospital with Ava. Got to leave hospital for Thanksgiving at the Strickland's.

  • DECEMBER: Harper Holiday get together! Surviving work before the break (aka cramming). Got iPhones. Enjoyed Ava. Sandone family came for Christmas. Devin used his musical talents in the Christmas program. Ava's blessing on Christmas Sunday. Christmas in Declo. Lots of shopping, went to Birds of Prey site, tour of Mart Produce, showed mom the Gathering place, made snap bags and lots of yummy treats. 
 I don't have access to my other pics from December unfortunately, how lame.  Soon to come though.

Like I said, 2012 has been WONDERFUL to us.  Could not be happier and can't wait to see what is in store for us this next year as we watch our baby girl grow and try and improve ourselves as parents, spouses, friends, etc. 

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  1. Great year! Except the part where you moved... :( I wish they could rearrange the map and put Boise right next to where ever Jordan and I end up.

    We miss you guys!