January 13, 2013

Bath Time

Step 1: Undress baby

Step 2: Love baby's soft, warm skin :)

Step 3: Get "tub" ready with warm water
(We use our sink right now because it's the perfect size for her and we put a towel in it to keep it soft and warm against her body)

Step 4:Wash baby!
She's so happy during bath time, especially when it's daddy! (except for last time when I DIDN'T bathe her in the sink and she felt so vulnerable in our big tub with loud rushing water. fail).

Step 5: Get baby nice and dry

We're pretty casual with baths.  While in the hospital still, our pediatrician said, "If she doesn't stink, don't bathe her!" We've pretty much stuck to that unless we have moments like my last post, where even 3 wipes worth of wiping may not have gotten her all clean...
(honestly, if I had more time I think I'd bathe her more because she's so fun to dress and cuddle with after! I just want to remember this.)
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