December 13, 2012


Surprises at the door!
Ava has received her first Christmas presents!  
If anyone saw this post yesterday and thought I was dumb for confusing 12/12 with 12/21 (people thinking the world is going to end) and thinking we got a present from total strangers (John & Natalie Tucker) - well, it's probably well deserved.
    Turns out Tucker is Natalie's maiden name, who recently married one of Devin's co-workers.  Many many thanks to you, still, for that fun package that brightened our day!!!
    Today we received a sweet package from my best friend Nicole's Aunt Gretchen (check out her witty blog writing here).  She runs an awesome business called "Know Me" journals and I am now the lucky recipient of "a new mother" journal.  I love it because I've been wanting to write about this new experience, but wasn't sure where to start.  This journal has the perfect questions about being a new mom that help me keep my thoughts straight and be able to look back and remember these special feelings :)  I think it's a wonderful gift! Check out the awesome shirt that she'll get to wear around Halloween 2014 - so clever!  Has anyone else heard of Chewbeads?  I've heard chatter about how awesome they are for a while now and am actually looking FORWARD to when Ava starts teething so I can wear this cool necklace and let her try it out :) Thank you, thank you, thank you Gretchen!!

I'm usually sitting in my pjs with messy hair and no makeup when I hear the doorbell ring for these packages - it's worth the slight freak out that I have at the thought of it possibly being someone here to visit the baby :)

I've experienced the generosity of so many at this holiday season and the birth of our daughter - the selflessness associated with all of these gifts and services inspires me to forget myself and enjoy the spirit of giving!  Pin It

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