December 9, 2012

Harper (early) Christmas!

Harper Christmas 2012

      We had a really fun time in Burley last weekend to kick off December with everyone.  Everyone was able to be there (which was the whole point) which made it even more fun.  As Devin would say, "Good food, good friends(family), good fun". Not many pics of Ava because she slept practically the whole time on Grandma/Grandpa's bed so we could hear her while playing games, visiting, etc.  She was fantastic!  
     We had a gift exchange (white elephant style - but not gag gifts) where everyone basically got something perfect for them!  Devin got a sweet hunting knife and I got the dvd Inception :) 
    I was introduced to Neil's game of "Let's Make a Deal" where he prepares boxes with items from his closet (mostly new items that he gets for free from sponsors or races, etc) and envelopes with money in them and you choose between the two get what you get!  Every box this year had some kind of hat in it (these were mostly used, haha!).  Devin got a fanny pack with water bottle attachment and...socks.  and I got an eddie bauer packable backpack and the 1st Harry Potter VHS (totally going to be a collectible someday, even though no one can watch it), and...socks. Oversized white old man socks! Everyone got a kick out of them.  I think the most loved gift was Neil's old house slippers that came in Greg's box - he was thrilled to get them :)
    Us girls did some pedicures with Mary Kay Satin Hands to start our feet off right in this wintery weather!  The boys did some shooting and played basketball at the church gym.  Part of our get together was also to tie in Thanksgiving, so we had a nice moment of sharing what we're thankful for and it was so nice to look back on the year and see how much we've been blessed.
   It's Greg's last Christmas before his mission so it was so nice to have everyone together!

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