October 3, 2012

Baby's Room: beginnings

Wow, so many things to do still but I'm so happy we finally got some things up on the wall this weekend, thanks to Devin's help!  
1. Chinese lantern lamp (with dimmer switch) - from our wedding. 
2. Wood w/knobs - made from free wood and knobs I found at Hobby Lobby and World Market.  Devin sanded, painted, and drilled the holes.  All we had to do was twist the knobs in by hand.  I want to hang headband/bows on it.
3. Pink/white polka dot photo board - $5 on Craigslist (Devin found that, too!) 
4. Brown Shelf - was more of light pine color, found at Goodwill.  We spray painted it brown to match the wood of the crib, it's perfect!
5. Wooden name hanger - Yes, it's pretty much official now that we are naming her AVA!  I was shocked to see this at T.J. Maxx. I texted Devin to see what he thought since this has been our top name for a long time now and we pretty much decided we couldn't pass it up :)  Sadly, this is probably the most expensive piece of decoration - like $12 bucks. haha
6. White IKEA shelving unit - some great friends of ours at church gave this to us!  Right now it is NOT organized, but at least we're not storing stuff in the crib anymore.
7. Random decor - got these cute little wooden people from a relief society activity.  Hoping to paint them and glue the smaller one at an angle to look like mom, dad, and baby :) TJ Maxx had that elephant on clearance and I love it!  Now where to put these things...
8. Not so much decor but...first full price piece of clothing I've bought for our little girl.  we KNOW she'll be here by Thanksgiving :)  I just can't wait for her to wear it!

I took these pictures using a lens that a friend of mine let me borrow to test out.  The lighting is horrible anyway, but I'm having mixed feelings about the lens.  It's ideal for portraits so I just need to find some people to practice on! Let me know if you want to be my model :)

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  1. I bought Juno a "First Thanksgiving" onesie too, even though she was due after Thanksgiving... The cashier at Walmart promised I could return it the day after Thanksgiving if I was still pregnant. Luckily she came 2 weeks early! Ava is a darling name!

  2. I am IN LOVE WITH IT so far! IT looks amazing!!!! :) Miss you! xoxo

  3. Cute room! Lots of cute details.

  4. The Ava sign is perfect. Good job guys