September 17, 2012

Weekends in the Wilderness

We've been getting our fair share of fresh air and outdoor fun on the weekend before the weather gets too cold!  
The last weekend in August we went up to the Payette River with the Pratchetts who had this sweet raft, a sweet dog, and a sweet 16 month old girl who LOVED getting splashed by the rapids :)
These were class 2-3 rapids and as you can see, they had nice people on the side to take pictures of people coming down the river...but we're cheap so you have to find us amongst the watermark :/


Went to Lake Cascade last weekend with Mitchell and Farrah to do some fishing/bike riding/lounging on the "beach".  Devin's been loving his pontoon boat - the first pic is actually him out on the Boise River one evening which...turned out to be kind of a disaster**.  Devin caught some bass at Cascade and I caught some rays on my trusty little $5 Walmart tube that I still love.  He'll never talk me out of it :) Once M&F came with their little girls we roasted up some hot dogs on our grill, went on a short but grueling bike ride (UPHILLS!  Poor Mitchell was pulling his girls in their bike trailer, pretty tough.  And I felt bad for our little peanut because I don't think she was getting much air since...neither was I).  The downhills ended up being heavenly though and the views were fantastic!  Cascade was a tiny little town but we stopped at a yummy little place on the way out for ice cream and the best chocolate shake I've ever had! 

This past weekend we went shooting out past Kuna in the middle of NO WHERE. I got to shoot the .22 rifle for the first time, which was DEAD ON :)  I shot everything on the first shot, thanks to the sweet scope I'm sure.  We also picked up a ton of AK-47's like going on a treasure hunt!  Then we went a little more south to Swan Falls, which is down in this HUGE canyon that the Snake River runs through.  I got to use my fishing pole for the first time, and Devin was a great teacher.  He caught 4 bass while we were there and the water was even warm enough to stand in, just a beautiful day :) 
funny moment: the first fishing spot we picked was horrible aka. swampy, weeds everywhere, wind bringing our bobbers right back to us.  We both got our lines stuck in the weeds but Devin's was worse and I was wearing crocs so I had to walk through the nasty, mossy, swampy, water to get it untangled.  I couldn't WAIT to get to some clean water!

**Now that it's past Labor Day, the water in the Boise river is a lot lower and we didn't get him out there until about 7 so it got dark on him. And he didn't get any fish and the water was so cold that it was causing his raft to shrink/lose air.  And I was just riding my bike along the greenbelt trail until I could see him which, didn't work out because we missed each other somehow (but the trail was really pretty!).  So, I ended up biking like 5-6 miles and getting myself very familiar with Boise State campus trying to find a good spot to pick Devin up, who was getting wet trying to pull off on the bank and handle the boat/fishing pole/cell phone while communicating with me.  haha...funny to look back on now, but it was a bit of a mess at the time.

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  1. You guys are all about water sports these days! Looks like a fun time. That's funny that those photographers just hang out waiting for rafters...