September 24, 2012


I walked outside today and I smelled it.  FALL. AUTUMN. CRISP. But where are you?!  I'm still desperately waiting to see some fall colors, I mean - Boise means "city of trees", right?  Because of that, I'm banking on something impressive here pretty soon and I can't wait because everyone is doing "first day of fall" posts and I feel left out.  I'm sitting here in a sweater trying to force it to be fall, but I'm sweating, which is where they got the name I guess.  But here's a lovely cell-phone picture view of our backyard anyway because it makes me happy :)

The reason I took this is because the past week and a half have been GRAY skies, but no rain.  We keep waking up thinking it's "overcast" but no, it's just smoke.  For a week!  Smoke has been lingering above us, giving us nasty gray skies and a muggy atmosphere but yesterday - IT FINALLY RAINED! And rained, it did.  This was last night when we were so excited to see some blue sky again.  Hooray!

Devin actually saved the day on Saturday when a fire started near where they were shooting. That'll be a story for another day, but let's just say I had no idea why he left with a NEON green shirt and came back with a black shirt. Pin It


  1. It's been super smoky down here, too! I was getting tired of seeing the pretty blue autumn sky. Yay for fall!

  2. This picture is gorgeous- it looks like a fall picture! It smells like fall here, too! This week's weather has definately made it feel like fall. I love it! Especially the pumpkin things, they are a favorite! :) xoxo