August 21, 2012


The day after our anniversary we headed to Burley so Devin could leave with his dad and brothers on their epic annual backpacking trip.  I don't have his pictures on my comp so I'll do a post on that another day.  However, the Cassia County Fair was going on last week as well so I got to experience that for my first time!
 Compared to the boys who left at 5 a.m. for their backpacking trip, Laura and I slept in and left a little after 7 a.m. to make maple bars for the Declo booth. I had no idea what a process this was but they had it organized so well and the line was super long for hours, so you know they were good :)  
 I'm kind of a sucker for fair food.  I tried the maple bars, scones, freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade, pulled pork sandwich, and chicken strips and NONE of them were a disappointment. This was over a period of THREE days, mind you.  The only thing that I didn't get that slightly tempted me were those awesome turkey legs...but for $7 a pop, I couldn't bring myself to do it.  Devin would have if he were there.

 Meet Thunderpants:

 We took Ike and Ivy to see the animals on Saturday which is RIGHT up their alley, especially Ivy.  These goats cracked me up.

Two of my really good friends from back home, SAM and ZACH were driving across the country from PA to WA for a job Zach is starting in Seattle.  They stopped in Burley on Friday night and had never been to a rodeo, so I took them to the fair.  We got there pretty late so we got in for free, but just in time to see some silly clown acts, horse barrel racing, and bull riding! 
Their first impressions of Idaho:
-Smells good in a bad way, or is it smells bad in a good way?  Either way, they said it smells "FRESH"
-People here are really nice and really easy going about things (especially the guy who let us in the rodeo for free since we missed over half).
-There are a lot more Mexicans than in Coatesville, surprisingly. 

I love seeing PA license plates out here! These poor guys have been on the road for 8 days, sleeping in their car, a hotel here and there, and camping.  They were grateful to have a shower and a nice place to stay for the night.  It was so fun to catch up like old times and show them a little bit of the west.  AND witness their naivety to pregnancy - they were worried that I was going down the stairs too fast or bumping into a door was going to hurt the baby.  And they wanted me to make it kick...haha, so fun :)   Good luck in Seattle! Pin It


  1. I loved hearing about their trip and seeing the picture with you and them! :)

  2. I loved hearing about their trip and seeing the picture with you and them! :)