August 21, 2012


Devin got to work from home yesterday which helped in recovery from the long week we had last week!
  This was our anniversary present to each other.  Devin has had this desire to use charcoal for a long time now because the taste is noticeably different/better.  Although it does taste better, it takes a little longer for the coals to heat up vs. gas, so I'm glad we got to try it yesterday when we had more time to get dinner ready!
Talane's dad was nice to give us some red potatoes and zucchini squash from his garden so we threw all that on with our chicken and it was scrumptious.  Our coals stayed nice and hot for a long time so we made banana boats for dessert and cooked them on the hot coals, just like camping. 

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I love this picture of him, he is 85 years old today and the president of our church.
Devin and I were given his biography, To the Rescue by Heidi Swinton, so we decided to read one of the chapters for Family Home Evening last night.  We read "Starting a Family" which seemed appropriate since that is our stage in life.  We read about him meeting his wife Frances, paying $25/month for rent, and the hard decisions he had to make that dealt with his job and opportunities to serve in the church.  It really is a blessing to know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us and if we rely on his timing that everything will work out for our good.  
There was also a short story that we found pretty funny about him leaving to go on a fishing trip after his wife gave birth to their first child while she rested in the hospital for the next week! Apparently she encouraged him to go, but he says she did mention it here and there since it happened and looking back, feels that his timing was a little selfish.  

All I know is that I hope I'm not in the hospital for a week and I'm glad it'll be November when fishing is not so popular.
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  1. That looks like the one we have...well used to have... We left it at Dorethy's...

    That's a fun shish kabob thing!