August 21, 2012

2nd Anniversary

Our second anniversary was last Tuesday.  We thought about celebrating by going to Portland or Seattle or somewhere cool, but where Devin just got back from Seattle for his conference (long drive) and we've been traveling so much throughout ID and UT lately, we decided to kick it here in Boise.  All we really wanted to do was float the Boise river now that we have our raft so that's what we did!
 Devin was very patient with my lack of experience in rowing and my spazziness when I panic but I eventually got the hang of it and we ended up being a good team :)  I just love that he loves doing things like this and is always good enough at it to help me and make it fun!

 I was 27 weeks on Tuesday :)  And Devin got that sweet Eddie Bauer bag at a thrift store the day before for $0.99!!  STEAL. 
 Unfortunately I didn't have my nice camera so these pics aren't the best quality but the scenery there was beautiful, so green!! The river was a lot wider (and colder) than I expected and it even had some fun little rapids.  I wished I had taken a pic going down them but I was a little preoccupied steering us away from rocks.  Devin was so sad that he didn't bring his fishing pole because we saw fish jumping around us here and there...and he even got his fishing license the day before.  So, we plan to go again before Labor Day and this time Devin will do some fishing and I'll take some nicer pics :)

We house sat for a couple who went to Italy a couple weeks ago and when they got back they gave us a gift card to Olive Garden, which we love, so we went there for dinner.  I never get anything besides water so I decided to splurge and get a raspberry Italian soda. YUM. it was the best I've ever had, hands down.

It actually felt like we were celebrating all weekend since Devin didn't have to work Monday either, so we got to spend time together doing random things like try out Smashburger and a restaurant inside a hotel we didn't stay at, stay up late every night to finish Lord of the Rings, make kettle corn, go to Costco, BBQ with friends, go bowling, etc.  It was just so nice to have a couple days with "nothing to do" except whatever we felt like.
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  1. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate, gorgeous pics xxxx