August 5, 2012

Biking The River Trail

Biking along the Boise River Greenbelt has been one of our FAVORITE things to do here.  It's nice and cool and the view of the river along the way is beautiful! Mitchell and Farrah bring their girls in their bike trailer and ride with us.  Devin loves to find things to jump off of, kick, dodge, unmarked paths, etc. when he rides and it's really fun to watch :)
So fun to watch that I brought my camera along, although trying to focus a camera on someone moving as fast as Devin while riding a bike is not easy to do, so sorry for some of the blur.
Besides talking all summer about wishing we lived near a beach, I mentioned the other day that I really want to float the river before the summer is over.  Devin surprised me last night with a raft and some life jackets that he got for us to do for our anniversary in a couple weeks! It's a sweet 4 person raft with oars included that should last us at least through a couple kids that we can bring with us in the future :)  I think we'll be doing a stay-cation for our anniversary and this will be an AWESOME activity.  Thanks babe! Pin It

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