July 29, 2012

A Short Time Apart: MozCon and Girls' Trip

Devin went off to Seattle for a big SEO conference with Mitchell and the rest of the Maple North team. 
Ultimate guy time.  Highlights:
-Food. Unlimited fruit for breakfast. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided.
-Dreaming about SEO.  It was that good.
-Having a bed to himself
-Getting hit on by bartender girls who then found out they were married and asked if they had any babies ha.
-Bowling, Dark Night Rises

I went to Salt Lake/Provo with his mom, aunt, and cousins. Ultimate girl time.
-Park City shopping and Kneaders for lunch
-Gardener Village (not a place many males enjoy), especially the quilt store, and Archibald's for dinner
-Visiting BYU for the first time since I graduated and taking candy from my old boss's desk
-Brick Oven root beer. the best.
-The Sound of Music @ The Hale Center Theater. It's noticeable when someone's singing voice is effortless and so many were. 
-Watching Laura finish a whole "Isaiah's Almond Joy" at Leatherby's by herself (plus some of all of ours)
-Hanging out with Devin's Aunt Elaine and cousins Ashley and Amy and great conversation with Laura on our long car rides!
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  1. So glad I was able to see you when you came to town! You should come more often. Or move back. That would work too...