August 14, 2012

Fun Weekend in August

 We bought a raft!  We're planning on floating down the Boise River this week so we wanted to take it out for a test ride at Eagle Island where Mitchell and Farrah joined us with their girls :)  While Mitchell and Farrah took the raft for a spin, Jada and I buried Devin in the sand.  I thought he'd hate it but I think he would have stayed there all day weren't so boring to lay under a pile of sand.

National Bowling Day 
August 11, 2012
 Devin's form looks like dancing, mine looks like directing air traffic.
Yeah so, national bowling day.  Ever heard of it?  Neither had the bowling alley when we showed them our coupons for a FREE game of bowling!  They honored it anyway :)  All we had to pay for were shoes ($2 each) so that was pretty sweet.  I'm convinced that something about being pregnant has made me a better bowler because I haven't gotten over 100 in a long time....and finally!  Devin did awesome, like usual, with a 147.

Random: I've never seen Lord of The Rings, any of them.  So we've been watching them and just have the third left now.  I'm kind of sad that there are so few but look forward to seeing The Hobbit when it comes out!
I also find myself constantly making strange connections to Harry Potter and the Gospel.  ironic? Pin It

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