July 23, 2012

Harper Family Reunion (extended version)

Sun Valley/Ketchum, ID



We attended the last Harper reunion this weekend, which populated about 450 people! All descendents of Leslie Harper, whose descendents actually total about 800 now.  I'm glad Devin and his cousins got to re-live a lot of good memories from that campground where the Harper reunion has been held for 60 years! 
-Beautiful Scenery entering Sun Valley
-Cute little town of Ketchum with yummy places to eat (but no sightings of Arnold Schwartz or Bruce Willis)
-The traditional "races" across the basketball court
-Seeing Neil and his brothers wear their hats around their belt loops. classic (accd to Devin).
-Hanging out with cousins, seeing the growing families!
-Hiking to the creek and building a dam (Devin actually went for a dip in the FRIGID water)
-Starting off the carnival by shooting candy in the air!
-The Carnival: fun games, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, photobooth, movie in the lodge from past reunions, etc. 
-The dusty dirt. our legs, our feet, the kids who entertained themselves by throwing it at each other.
-Going fishing on the way home, with no lure.  just a cow that liked to get in our way.

We hope it's not too long before we see the Clyde Harper gang again!

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  1. Love Ketchum, so pretty there! Love the pictures.