July 16, 2012

Guns and war and stuff...

 Since our apt complex doesn't recycle, we take our old cans, cardboard, and milk jugs out to a desert and shoot them. 

 Idaho Military History Museum


Devin and I drove out into "the desert" on Saturday to go shooting with our .22s. They are so much fun (and cheap) to shoot, so we like to use them as much as possible.  I've made quite the improvement - what used to take me 5 tries AT LEAST to hit now takes one and I don't go waving my gun around as I walk, scaring Devin half to death.  I've come a long way and Devin is a fantastic shot as always :) I have no fear for our safety should intruders come along.
   We figured it would only go along with our day if we stopped at the free military museum on our way to Costco for free samples aka lunch. I love looking at stuff from WWII especially, and they had displays on the national guard, navy, army, marines, everything.  What interested me the most were the medical displays - so many uses for a muslin bandage and a scary looking amputation kit.  We, too, have come a long way! Pin It

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  1. I love the action shots. That amputation kit is terrifying. We love the Costco (samples) lunch.