July 12, 2012

Camping at Sublett Lake

 Camping essentials - how cool is that ketchup?

  Spent the weekend in Burley, once again!  Sublett Lake was only about an hour drive. See those cows?  We were obviously in "open range" land, which I thought was fascinating because I've never driven so close to livestock like that before. I don't think Devin's head has ever been that close to a bull's horns, either!
   We found a beautiful campsite not too far from the lake that had a small stream running right by it - perfect for the kids to play in and also for fish cleaning.  Devin and Kyler dominated in the retrieval of firewood.  Devin was thrilled to use is new SOG saw (we had an entire tree to prove it).  As soon as we set up camp we went to the lake where the boys fished and Ivy and I caught some rays on the lake with my float tube from Walmart, so glad I brought that :)
   Neil and Laura joined us at dinner time for some delicious (everything tastes delicious when camping)  hot dogs & brats with peppers and onions - gourmet style.  All the boys went BACK to the lake to try their luck at fishing again and came back with FIVE trout!  I've never eaten a fresh caught fish and boy was it GOOD.  Neil cooked them in foil on the coals to perfection.  After stuffing ourselves with lots of cherries, watermelon, cheetos, and s'mores, we finally went to bed around midnight.  Devin and I didn't bring hardly any warm clothes because it's been so stinkin hot here but it got REALLY cold once the sun went down so, lesson learned for next time.
   We packed up Saturday morning and headed back to the lake to enjoy what we could of the beautiful morning before we had to leave.  BY THE WAY, little baby Wynn was a CHAMP.  She never cried, slept the whole night, and only grunted when bro & sis tried sticking hot dogs and sticky fingers in her face. We plan to continue adventures like this once we have our baby, hoping she's as good as Wynn :)

Don't know when the next time we'll be camping is, but I was sure thankful that I haven't hit the point of having to pee in the middle of the night.  Hallelujah!

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