July 5, 2012

Fourth of July

It was a LONG DAY but probably the most enjoyable of all the days we've been here in Meridian!

8:00 - Dragged ourselves out of bed for a pancake SCONE breakfast at the church and boy are we glad we did!  We sat by our friends the Richmans, who invited us to come out to Eagle Island with their family for the day. 

12:00 - Drove the short 10/15 minutes to A BEACH in Idaho!  Who knew?  Okay, not like the ocean, but there was sand and water and that's exactly what we wanted. 
My exact words to Devin before going to bed Tuesday night:  "I wish we lived near a beach."

5:00 - Went to Tara's for a BBQ with the Stricklands. The grill-master provided some scrumptious slabs of beef to go with the many delicious salads - jello salad, caprese salad, and cucumber/onion/vinegar salad.  And what kind of dessert could be used to celebrate our country more than apple pie?

8:00 - We headed home to pack up our bikes for Boise's firework show.  We love the trail that runs along the Boise river.  It took us right to the park where the fireworks would be going off.  Luckily, we spotted a place along the river to watch the fireworks that wasn't in the huge mass of people at the park and couldn't have asked for a better view.  (my cell phone's camera does not do them justice)
10:30 - Rode back to our car in 15 minutes thanks to watching the fireworks a little bit outside of the park (we hate traffic).

I've been reading a fantastic book (picture above) about some of the miracles that occured in the founding of our country.  It is amazing the stories that don't get told in history books/social studies classes just because someone might believe there was divine intervention, which could possible lead them to believe in God.  In my eyes, it's no coincidence that this is the only country of its kind - the freedoms and liberties that we have were indeed established and fought for by inspired men.  I've never had this kind of appreciation and love for America until just recently, which made yesterday that much more of a reason to celebrate. 
Happy Birthday AMERICA!
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