May 13, 2012

Word to Our Mothers


Why I don't have pictures of EITHER of us with our moms on my computer, I have no idea but that makes no difference in how much we love and are so thankful for the women in our lives who have devoted so much time and energy to giving us the BEST things in life.  THAT is what I think is so admirable about motherhood - the sacrifices made for those around them.  They don't have to be the best cook(but usually they are!), the best seamstress, the best nurse, the best decorator, etc. but it's the way they give advice and put themselves last that they deserve a whole day for themselves!

This picture reminds me of my mom because 1) She always made birthdays pretty special.  Even on a tight budget she put together fun games and DELICIOUS food like our favorite meal or cake and this lemon cake with lemon frosting reminds me so much of her.  2) I love how I can always call her when I'm cooking to ask how to make something and no matter how last minute (I'm usually like 5 minutes from starting dinner) she always has the answer, even if she's making it up as she talks to me on the phone it turns out perfect and I am so thankful for those skills she taught me growing up and memories that she made with me :)

This picture reminds me of Devin's mom and how generous and welcoming she is.  There is such a big age gap between me and Devin's sisters so sometimes it's hard to find things we have in common.  The first Christmas we were married she let all of us girls pick out the fabric we wanted to make these purses and it was such a fun project that helped me get to know his sisters better.  I just always feel SO welcome in their home, appreciated, and taken care of when Laura is around. 
      There are many times that something will remind Devin of his mom and it is often a reflection of her spirituality and wisdom in living the gospel and doing what is right.  I, too, thank my mom so much for the conversations we've had growing up about life decisions.  When Devin and I talk about how we're going to raise our own children, especially in different situations, we both have a lot of different but wonderful things to bring to the table from how we are raised and we're so thankful for these examples. 

Although I have not sacrificed myself yet the way a mother does, there is LIFE growing inside of me and it's been so fun to celebrate my first Mothers' Day knowing that something wonderful is coming!  Pin It

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