May 17, 2012

Devin's Gift To Me

Devin spent the majority of last weekend at Mitchell's, where the two of them built these awesome lounge chairs for their wives for Mothers' Day :) He even found a great deal at Target for a cushion to go on top.
This was such an awesome gift for the start of the summer - I think we're a little bit tanner already than when we came back from Alaska last summer...which means we haven't really seen a tan since we got married! 

When we got home from church on Sunday we decided to set up a crib I bought the day before at a yard sale:

It just has some scratches on it but it was only $60 and I love the dark color of the wood! That crib bumper was also a yard sale find - it's brand new from Carter's and we got it for $5. SO soft.  Anyway, like I said before, we're kind of stuck on the idea that we're having a boy but even if it's a girl I still think we'll use the bumper :)

It was so fun to start getting ready for the little person that even gave me the reason to celebrate Mothers' Day :) Pin It


  1. Wow! Impressive. I love that lounge chair. And I think that is the same crib my cousin Addie has. Nice purchase!

  2. nice crib ! i want to come visit. your babys crib is cool too.

  3. The chair and crib are BEAUTIFUL! Sweet of Devin to celebrate your (pre)Mother's Day in style

  4. I love your little patio. Where did you get your cute planters? Marissa and I were admiring some at a flower shop just yesterday! The crib you found is so nice--I'm sooooo looking forward to the time it is occupied :)
    Nice job Devin on your workmanship and thoughtfulness! You amaze me!
    Love you!