May 12, 2012

Settling In

Well, it's been three weeks now and our house is starting to feel like a home.  I'm sure I'll be doing many more little projects throughout the summer but yesterday felt like a hit! 

I recovered some pillows we had that were like an ugly red suede type of fabric.  Still trying to figure out the lighting in our apartment, it's great in all areas except the living room. 

 THESE cookies are pretty dang good and SO easy to make, just 3 ingredients!  (I added some oatmeal that I ground up in the blender because I love that flavor)

We've been wanting some house plants so once we finally found some flowerpot stands on craigslist, we went to Lowe's for some plants.  We got two of those big spiky looking ones because they were only $3 each (can you tell why?), hoping we'll be able to revive them a little :)  The other one with the pretty flower is called a white peace lily and all are supposed to be air purifying plants, bonus!

 Our backyard is pretty much this entire field and this is the view from the window above the kitchen sink.  It's my favorite place to be either early in the morning when the dew of all the greenery shines from the sun and it's also so pretty at sunset, like above. 
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