April 1, 2012

What a week!

Devin's parents and brother came down this week for their spring break and to do some birthday celebrating!  
Unfortunately I was always meeting up with them pretty much straight from student teaching, so I never had my camera but here are a couple lovely cell phone pics from the week

Wednesday:  CITY CREEK shopping :)  The weather wasn't too great, but it was fun to go see all the new stores, beautiful landscape of the outdoor mall, and the retractable roof that we loved once it started raining!  That first picture is of the awesome Harmon's grocery store where we got gelato.  (PA people, this place is as close as I've found to Wegman's!)

Thursday: India Palace.  Stuffed ourselves silly with mango lasse, garlic naan, and yummy chicken curry.  We took a stroll around the Riverwoods, got some yummy cupcakes at cocoa bean (their 1st time there!) and took it back to the hotel room to celebrate Devin's birthday with them.  They got him some fun movies (Chariots of Fire and Out of the Wild an Alaska movie), some nice pairs of shorts, and a penny whistle!  He's been watching penny whistle playing on YouTube all the time and in the last 3 days he's gotten really good! 
*The weather was beautiful - see that Alaska bus?  It was the first time we've seen one in Provo this year.  Made us reminisce the fun times of bus training last Winter semester, getting ready for the CDL test and going up to Juneau!  

Friday: BYU Men's Volleyball game.  Such a blast - I won this facebook deal as "Honorary Coach" of the night (more on that later), which got us some sweet seats and it was a fantastic game!
*This was also my last day of lead teaching in my 1st grade class (still one more week of being in the class) and my kids were ANGELS.  I rocked my last observation, thanks to them and we had a blast - I even ate lunch with them in the cafeteria because they were such awesome students all day :)

Thank you Neil and Laura for treating us to yummy food and a great time!  We love having your company :) Pin It

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