April 3, 2012



Mr. handsome-no-mustache turned 27 yesterday, April 2nd!  He asked all the "ryders" on his bus (aka BYU freshmen) how old they thought he was and they all said 23 or 24....typical :)  Hopefully we'll still be lookin young for our age(s) when we really are old! If not, we'll always be young at heart!

All Devin wanted to do for his birthday was watch the NCAA final at the Santa Maria, which is where a few of his old roommates live, so we brought his mini birthday cake (chocolate raspberry cupcake from Cocoa Bean - delish!) to celebrate.

Not only was yesterday Devin's b-day, but it also marked two years since he proposed to me!  Read that story on my old blog HERE.  

Boy was I thrilled to celebrate this boy/guy/man - what do you call a 27 year old?  He makes my every day life more enjoyable with his humor/silly faces/awesome voices during scripture reading, appreciation for things that really matter, and willingness to work hard at everything he does - work, car repairs, our relationship, talents, and the little things around the house in order to make life easier for me.  I am thrilled to have this burden (and blessing ironically) of school lifted off my shoulder as one of my biggest presents to him because he has been SUCH a wonderful support through these past 2 difficult years of schooling.  I couldn't have done it alone, thanks for being my rock babe!

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