March 24, 2012

Ice Fishing

Devin had quite an outing with the boys last weekend.  They went down to Price, UT to do some shooting, play basketball, eat all the junk food they want, and wake up early Saturday morning to go ice fishing!  After about 6 hours on the ice, they came out with 9 trout!  Devin caught two and his friend gave him the other.  The one with the really cool cheetah pattern is called a tiger trout - really rare!  Ice fishing has been a new hobby of Devin's this year - check out Corina's post from when they all went up to Strawberry Reservoir (awesome pics!).   

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1 comment:

  1. Devin looks like a real fisherman in those pictures...with the 5:00 shadow + mustache!

    Plus he actually caught fish, so he really is a fisherman!

    The cheetah one is really pretty! (for a fish that is...)