February 15, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day at Preschool
Talk about cute - girls wearing all kinds of pink/red/hearts and even some boys came in sweaters and polos and had their hair slicked to the side all classy-like. 
(I even got to witness some girls deciding which one of them gets to sit next to a certain boy on the bus!)

And then there are some boys who feel like this about Valentine's Day, which is still pretty cute :)

Valentine's Day at Home


Devin surprised me by coming to my school on Monday and dropping of these beautiful tulips and cookies for my kids so that they would be there yesterday morning when I got to school!  I feel bad because I kept telling him all weekend not to buy me flowers but - I'm definitely not complaining. It was one of the best surprises yet :)
    My kids had so much fun making valentines for each other and could not keep it a secret what kind they brought for passing out!  Everything from Animal Planet, to Hello Kitty, to Power Rangers, etc.  One of my students even brought a delicious chocolate covered apple for each of the teachers - so lucky!
Devin and I decided we wanted a fun, easy dinner.  So, we had breakfast for dinner with scrambled eggs, yummy breakfast sausage, and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.  We also decided we didn't want to do any more dishes, so we stood around our little stove, toasting to life with sparkling Martinelli's and ate everything right out of their pans! It tasted so much better that way.
   Devin and our neighbor Aaron are on a basketball team together, which happened to play last night at 9:00.  They promised us girls they'd buy us ice cream if we came to watch their game, so we agreed (duh!) and little did they know, we were already planning on coming WITH fan posters to cheer them on :) 

To some people, this may sound like a super low-key Valentine's Day but it was so fun to just be with each other and not feel a whole lot of pressure about anything like a fancy dinner, sparkly jewelry, an adventurous or romantic date, etc.  When we got home, Devin took out his journal from the mission and read me a "Desired but not required" list that he made about his future wife and what do you know, I fit almost every one and that, alone, is something worth celebrating every day.

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  1. Beautiful pictures from your new camera! So glad you had a fun Valentine's together--I didn't think it was low key at all. Plenty of romance in there :) Let's skype again soon! I have some questions for ya,