February 18, 2012


We've made our way to Idaho for the weekend to celebrate Neil's birthday!


I know Fathers' Day isn't for a while, but I have been especially grateful for fathers lately, both Devin's and my own. 
I have friends whose fathers have recently experienced death or severe illness, namely bladder cancer, which my dad had about 12 years ago and survived.  Hearing of people questioning how long they have left with their dads makes me think back to the time my own was battling cancer and I am so happy that everything worked out, grateful for skilled doctors and amazing bodies that know how to fight such horrible things, even though it is not easy.
Both mine and Devin's dad treat us with such generosity, genuine friendship, and support - all things we value and appreciate. 
So, happy birthday to my dad last Saturday and happy birthday to Neil today!

This picture is dedicated to my bird watching dad :)

Speaking of being grateful, I just wanted to add how grateful I am for a talented husband.  As I write this, Devin is sitting at the piano recreating a song from memory/by ear, that we both love, which is something in which he has so much talent.  His musical talent was one of the first things that attracted me about Devin, I'm so glad we can now love and appreciate all aspects of it together :)
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  1. Thanks for your kind and loving thoughts and words. Love you both! Dad from Coatesville