February 13, 2012

C is for Camera

Dear Nikon D80,
     Welcome to my life, I've been waiting a LONG time for you! I did not think you'd be coming until April 20th (happy graduation to me) but the hubs found a great deal on you that we couldn't pass up - I love him :)
Should I have been working on big assignments this weekend?  Yes.  Did I refresh myself on lots of photography tips/techniques and take lots of pictures instead? Yes.

Exhibit A:
Aperture practice
 Shutter speed practice

Thank you to Jacobie for letting us come over on Saturday to bum off of their washer/dryer AND use their well-lit apartment for taking pictures :)

 And thank you to Rivinia for being the cutest little mustache-smoothie-eating model

 We also ate some yummy food this weekend (German pancake, above). 

About a week before the superbowl Papa John's did a promotion where you could guess the outcome of the Superbowl coin toss and if "America" guessed right, everyone who guessed would get pizza and a 2-liter.  
I guessed heads.  It was heads.  We stuffed our heads with free pizza yesterday while watching BYU cream Pepperdine!
I went running in a tshirt during Saturday's beautiful weather, and then it snowed...and now I am facing the reality of Utah winter and lead teaching this week...
...which probably means little time for picture taking, making Valentine treats, going running, etc. but I'll find a way to squeeze them in somehow or another :)

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  1. Talk to Bob Richmond for some good tips on photography. Dad