February 7, 2012

B is for Burley Weekend

 (Fun Friday @ preschool: we paint our faces with wet chalk!)
Devin picked me up from preschool on Friday for a short weekend in Burley/Declo, ID to see the new babe and spend time with family.

1. B is for Basketball: we drove straight up to Kimberly, ID to watch Greg in an AWESOME basketball game that ended with a buzzer-beating-3-point-shot.  (As nerve wracking as close games are, they are my absolute favorite).

2. B is for Baby: We swooned over Marissa and Kyler's new baby girl all Friday night and Saturday.
Welcome to the world, Wynn Harper Redder :) 
 (those cheeks!)

3. B is for Burgers: We started our fast on Saturday with an awesome burger fry - never a disappointment at the Harpers.  Tater-tots and all :)

4. B is for Bowling: Snake River Bowling Alley showed us a good time.  Devin got the spin move down - got himself all the way up to a 134!  (Except - shh don't tell, his mommy beat him the 2nd game!)
       4 1/2. B is for birthdays:  Did anyone else ever have a birthday party at the bowling alley?  There were like 3 going on all around us and it totally brought me back to my 10th birthday party at The Bowling Palace.  Back in the day they didn't have the electronic scoring so all the parents at the parties would be trying to add the kids' scores up with paper and pencil to see who won, haha thanks Mom and Dad!

5. B is for BOISE:  Now is as good a time as ever to officially announce that we will be moving to Boise, ID at the end of April, after graduation.  This will be old news to a lot of people but for documenting's sake there you go!  Still the same plan that I mentioned HERE, but instead of Rexburg, it'll be Boise. (and thank goodness for that!) 
        -I'm excited for bearable winters, summer farmers' markets, and fun at the Boise River.  (I have been so busy that I haven't looked much up yet, so I'm sure there's more but if you know anything else, let us know!)

...next up - C is for CAMERA! 

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