January 14, 2012


In the classroom:                           Reptiles and Amphibian Unit
I got to plan the frog lesson and had them make frog hats to wear while we learned about the life cycle!

Making alligators with "scales" during our reptile theme

Our non-English speaking friend. How cute is he?  The kids love this fine motor skills game of rolling the dice to see how many bananas to feed the monkey!

Showing off their dancing skills at Preschool Graduation - 3 of our friends know what they need to for Kindergarten so they left our class this week.

FIELD TRIP:  We went to BYU's Paleontology Museum to see all of the dinosaur bones, then had a snack at the Wilkinson Center, then went to the Bean Museum to have a look around and see a Reptile show as the culminating event of our Reptile and Amphibian theme.

Watching a guy go through mounds of rock and sand, looking for fossils, artifacts, etc.

Snack time - so cute. 

Turtles. Sorry for the blurryness, I just had to show you the amazement of this little girl at a turtle, adorable.
FUN FACT: Geckos can only eat about 5 crickets until they're full, but they can keep eating and store food in their tail. If they are not able to find food, which is common in the desert, they just use the storage in their tail, which gets pushed up into their stomach.  How nice for them - portable food storage.
Exploring reptile skins and shells, how exciting!

Friends on the bus:
Trust me, these little fellas are going to be heart breakers some day!

So studious, looking at his dinosaur pamphlet

This little guy is always early for PM preschool, waiting outside the door with his mom.  As I walk back into the room after lunch he greets me with this heart-warming smile and says "Hi Claire!".  (He did that after school one day, too, when he was waiting for his mom and another preschooler was with him decided to correct him and say "It's MISS Claire!") haha I love them.

So sweet, how can you not love them? 
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  1. oh I had such fun reading up on your preschool days! Those kids are the luckiest to have you with them each day! They are so cute! Keep posting...it's so fun to follow you around :) Love you