January 12, 2012

Pinterest To-Do List

If you have Pinterest you know how easy it is to spend more time pinning than actually making/creating/using/applying the things you find!  Well, I've had some recent pins spark my interest and this upcoming 3 day weekend will be perfect in getting started! Along with lots of lesson planning. blah.

1. DIY Photo transfer to wood. So easy - paint or put fabric/paper around the edge of wood and use modge podge to mount photo to wood.  It makes it look like a canvas!
Click HERE for tutorial

2. Scripture Journal.  Devin and I have been so good at reading every night but I want to make it a little bit more meaningful. The picture below looks pretty intense, but this website has great ideas/help/tips on how to start one and make it your own, so we'll probably start with something small - but at least it's something!

Click HERE for website

3.  Ice Cream Pretzel Cake. If you don't know me, I love chocolate covered things and sweet&salty combos. BINGO. Chocolate covered pretzels are my weakness.  This baby has been on my eye ever since I've seen it and I was grocery shopping today when I saw chocolate covered pretzels on sale for $1.00 and we already have regular pretzels for the crust so I knew it was meant to be :)  But Devin and I cannot eat this by ourselves...so let us know if you want to party!
Click HERE for recipe
4. At home work out.  Not sure that I'll do this exact one, but they're all over Pinterest and usually have pics of girls working out in sports bras with so I'll save you the epidermis exposure. Just search "fast workouts" in the Pinterest search box and you'll find lots of routines that don't take very long at all and can be done right at home. (They prob aren't better than going running but I won't do that in 30 degree weather, so it's better than nothing!)

I'm going on a field trip with my preschoolers tomorrow so stay tuned tomorrow for an update on the first full week of Preschool!  You'll die, these kids are so cute :)

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  1. I love making pinterest crafts. I need to write a blog post about some that I have done recently.

    I saw that pretzel cake on pinterest. It looks divine. I'm so excited for the long weekend!


  2. Well maybe you and Jordan will just have to try it! :)
    -Claire (on Devin's s/n)