January 24, 2012

Movie Buffs

January has been the best movie watching month for us!  Here are some great ones we've seen:

These are in order of "recently viewed: oldest to newest"

          We found this movie refreshing because of how real the characters are.  That North Face pull over, polo, and khaki pants are about the nicest thing Brad Pitt wore in the whole movie.  His sloppy, don't-care-about-anything-but-winning-attitude was slightly annoying at times but usually very funny/enjoyable.  This movie just had some quality humor, touching moments (you have to know, I'm a SUCKER for inspirational sports movies), and lessons learned - not to mention, great actors.
{Midnight in Paris}

           We love Owen Wilson.  He's got such a quirky personality that makes him so fun to watch in this movie and makes you HATE Rachel McAdams (sorry for all you Notebook fans, don't expect anything great out of her). If you're into art/music/literature from the 1920s aka. Great Gatsby, Edgar Allen Poe, you will have a BLAST watching this movie. Also, Marion Cotillard (seen above) is ravishing in this movie.  (We have a thing about comparing actors to other movies they've been in and we like her better in this than in Inception - for sure!)


 I was apprehensive about watching this movie because I thought it was going to be all about boxing, which I know nothing about but WOW - it goes so deep into their lives that you really get to know the characters and it makes the fighting scenes so bearable because you're just dying to see who wins every single one.  If you don't remember what this one's about - it's about two brothers' path to this fighting championship and they end up having to fight each other in the end (the trailer gives this away too, so don't get mad at me).  The family bonds, or lack of, in this movie really pull at your heart strings.  Anyway, we ended up not returning it to Redbox and watching it...AGAIN.  *watched with Jordan and Corina

{Ides of March}

After hearing about this movie on the Golden Globes, we had to rent it.  Thanks to our clearplay, the fact that it's Rated R didn't matter, we filtered out the language and didn't miss a thing. Tremendous actors in this movie! It's about the race between two men for the Democratic position in the Presidential race.  Ryan Gosling plays George Clooney's campaign manager and has to choose between what he believes and his loyalty.  So so so so good. Ryan Gosling just seems so grown up in this movie (compared to the Notebook, once again).  It got us into the current presidential race and loved the technicality behind it all.

{Sherlock Holmes}

This was one of our least favorite of all the movies we've watched recently, but it sure was action-packed!  Actually, that's mostly why we didn't like it.  It was like never-ending twists and things to remember, etc.  Usually that's desirable, but by about halfway through we just wanted to know how it ended.  Nevertheless, Downey Jr. and Jude Law play an impeccable pair - a very entertaining movie, indeed. *watched with Jordan and Corina

{Water for Elephants}
I thought I was going to read the book before watching this movie but I just never got around to it, so I don't know how it compares.  However, we loved how different this movie is from many others. It's a flashback movie of a 90-something-year-old man whose younger part is played by Robert Pattinson to show his experience with this traveling circus group.  Don't worry there's no freaky people with 5 arms or bags over their heads or anything like that (just a midget and a 300 lb woman). The love story was pretty unpredictable, just the way we like it, and the conflict throughout the movie made it so interesting. Last but not least, the elephant - SO cool, it'll be your favorite animal character you've ever had. Maybe :) *watched with Jordan and Corina

Now, with all the free time I know you have on your hands - GO! Watch! :)

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  1. We have got to see Moneyball soon. I really want to see that one. I'm surprised you guys didn't like Sherlock. I really liked it. And I'm so glad you guys picked Water for Elephants, that one was SO good.

    January sure has been a good movie month!

  2. I liked Sherlock more than Devin, so I would definitely still recommend it. I think he was kind of sick when we went that day so you can imagine it was a lot to take in when you have a headache and a stuffy nose, haha

  3. As much as I love film, there have been very few times where I’ve actually really anticipated the opening of a new movie. This year marks the arrival of probably the most anticipated film in the history of me; The Dark Knight Rises. But before the month of July can grace us with its presence, Red Tails managed to spark my interest from the very first time I viewed its trailer last year. Star Wars baby-maker and executive producer George Lucas lends his talents to this rather inspirational story about the Tuskegee airmen, their missions and the adversity they were faced with to earn and succeed in those missions. exclusive interviews

  4. Saw Ides of March and Sherlock Holmes in the theater. Missed the rest, but have seen The Descendents,Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2x), Extrememly Loud & Incred. Close (sad,with a happy ending), War Horse, and maybe my favorite, Hugo, also (2x). All great! Next up, The Iron Lady.

  5. We also saw war horse and loved it, I just didn't include it because we saw it in 2011, should have though! I am dying to see EL&IC and Hugo :)