January 10, 2012

Game night II

I never posted about "Game Night I" but Corina did HERE!  We don't go very long without getting together with these two and we never end the night without playing at least one of our favorite games.

 "Likewise"- we love this game, it was one of our Christmas presents!  Given a subject and a description, the object is to write something that will match what someone else writes (like the opposite of Scattergories).
Some of our silliest and favorite categories were  "Fictional Garden Tool", "friendly thing you wear", and "80's City" - 3 of us were thinking Fresh Prince but we all put different cities.  

 Bananagrams - Fast-paced Scrabble. We also added a twist on a couple rounds where you could only make words off of the ends of other words - so hard. Not sure we'll do that again. 
Corina ended up winning pretty much all the games we played. Go her :)

 We also fixed them our first meal in the dutch oven we got for Christmas - chicken, potatoes, carrots, the works.
We could have made it in the crock pot and it would have tasted just as good, but it was fun to try :) 

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  1. That dinner was so good! Thanks for having us over!