January 30, 2012

Internet Fast

Okay, not intentionally of course - but we've been without internet for 3 days and it has felt like an eternity.  Pathetic, I know.  The good part is - I'm very productive because facebook/pinterest/blogs are not distracting me.  But the bad part is - my productivity gets limited when I cannot e-mail my teachers the gazillion questions I have for them regarding the huge projects I have going on this week.
(The reason we didn't have internet is because our upstairs neighbors moved 3 days earlier than planned and they were the ones the internet was billed to)

    Thankfully, Jordan and Corina let us come hang out Friday AND Saturday night since we were getting a little stir-crazy. Thanks!   I might as well send you over to HER POST about our CHINESE night on Friday to celebrate the Year of The Dragon!   Seriously, go check it out - it's rather humorous how much "Chinese" was actually lacking from our New Year celebration, but it was still a good time

p.s. We watched Atlas Shrugged, another AWESOME movie - especially with all the politics going on right now.  It totally makes you think about where the world is headed and Hollywood is pretty unsupportive of it (due do their democratic ways) meaning it never hit very many theaters, so go get it at Redbox :) Pin It

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