December 13, 2011

Toot That Horn

Sorry, this is not a Christmas-related post, other than the fact that this was a huge present to me!
 STANDARDIZED TESTS > ME......almost always.
I never blogged about taking the PRAXIS test back in November because it was just not an experience I wanted to reminisce, I hate standardized tests.  It honestly wasn't that bad but I was worried sick because if I didn't pass I wouldn't have time to take it again before I graduated, which graduation. yikes. 
My friend Casi and I could not sit still waiting for that dang thing to start...constantly counting our pencils, fixing our pencils, turning our calculators on and off to make sure they worked - I could never do med school for this reason: The tests would make me go bonkers.

Anyway, I got this in the mail today and I know it looks like something they send to everyone but after some investigation I found out that this isn't some pity award they give you for taking the test.  Here's what it's for:
"Your exceptional performance earned a score that ranks within the top 15% of all test takers who took this assessment in previous years...This honor will be indicated on all your score reports.  It formally acknowledges your personal effort and commitment to learning and to teaching."  Of course they don't tell me what my score actually was and that last part was pretty corny but hey, wouldyalookatthat?! Top 15%? I'll take it.


I'll come down from my pedestal now - the test was on Elementary Content Knowledge, so how hard is that right?  Right.  It wasn't too bad except I am SURE that every single question I got wrong had to have come from the Social Studies section - that was a beast. 
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  1. Woohoo! Way to go! Now hurry out to Pennsylvania after acing your finals, too!