December 14, 2011


So I haven't posted about the awesome weekend we just spent in Idaho for an early Christmas with Devin's family!
Let me first just say that deciding to leave on Thursday night instead of Friday morning was a great decision.  We were able to make a quick stop at Dick's Sporting Goods and use a $10 off coupon to get me some warm gloves! (I've been using some from the dollar store, hehe)
We also just got to enjoy sleeping in and eating a yummy breakfast, which is always delicious at the Harper home.

On Friday we got to head up to Twin Falls for some shopping and Cafe Rio before Greg's big basketball game!  One reason I love going to Twin is this BEAUTIFUL canyon.  I seriously took this picture from the Best Buy parking lot - it is all around.  And the best part was, it was a full moon - the day before the eclipse! One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
SIDE NOTE: The thing I don't like about Cafe Rio (there's something not to like?) is that they only have one size, unlike Costa Vida, which has a small.  Laura introduced me to the tostada.  It's CHEAPER and made just like the salad, just a smaller tortilla (make sure you get flour) and a little bit less meat/beans/rice. It was perfect.

Word to the wise: wherever you go with Ivy, always bring her animals. They are her best friends and will keep her happy for...hours. OR you can give her a camera and she'll take an awesome picture aka. put her finger on the button while you hold the camera like the picture on the right of Greg, #12, in his ready position. Go Declo!

I spent most of Saturday doing fun crafts for presents coming  up.  I bought a little recipe book a while back with recipes for 24 different hand scrubs - 2 for each month.  I just want to make them ALL! I got them from the blog In Between Laundry - she has the cutest craft ideas.  Anyway, I made "Candy Cane Twist" and "Orange Julius" this time around and my hands were SO soft when I was finished :)

Later that night we started the Christmas festivities with a yummy dinner and the presence of Grandma Harper for presents :) We also watched one of the new bible videos that have recently been (wonderfully) made by our church to depict the life of Christ from the Bible.  THIS is the video we watched and what a wonderful spirit it brought as we contemplated the meaning of Christmas.   

This is a horrible picture but Ivy's little fingers in this pic are the perfect depiction of how excited they both were to be opening presents. It was a delight to get thrown a present from Ike, the present distributor, whether it was for you or not, because he just wanted everyone to be as happy as he was to be getting presents.  p.s. He's the ultimate Jimmer wanna-be. This doesn't even show the Jimmer bball shorts to match.

We've been listening to non-stop Christmas music lately and Michael Buble was definitely a good addition to the mix ;) We feel so blessed to get to spend time with both of our families at this time of year and feel their love.  I can't wait for finals to be over just so that I can take the time to appreciate all the blessings and joy that come from giving and receiving from those I love.
Only a couple days til we get to PA!

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