December 15, 2011


Finals aka "celebrations of my knowledge" if you will are officially O V E R!!  Never again will I take a test in that blasted testing center :)
Here's how I celebrated:
 Finally redeemed free car wash. I. love. car. washes.

 Finally ate this little delicacy that I got from "Bread and Jam" (best party ever - all you can eat Great Harvest bread and jam) in The Dean's office last week.  I knew it'd be worth the wait.

I didn't fully satisfy my sweet tooth so our friends the Luckys came over and the boys went out and got Cold Stone for us!
...Which I ate while I packed for PENNSYLVANIA! :)

p.s. Did you know Cold Stone has "Waffle Wednesday"?  Free waffle cones on Wednesdays!
p.p.s. Did you know there's only 10 more days until Christmas?
p.p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! (12:15 a.m. - it's officially your birthday, as I write this) See you soon!
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