November 5, 2011

Devin the Dependable

Devin has kept himself quite busy despite all the free time he has these days - I'm surprised how productive he is when I know I would just want to sit around some days when I really have no other responsibilities.  But no!  Devin creates work for himself besides all the dishes I leave him :)
We've had a nasty little hole in this pipe for a little while that makes the car pretty loud so Devin fashioned himself a little patch out of a piece of aluminum from a soda can and bought those clamps that wrap around the tube to hold it on.  $3 for clamps < $70 repair...yes please.

Now Devin has had his precious AR-15 for a little while now but decided he wanted to change it up a bit so the painting process began.
 On the way home from buying the right kind of spray paint at Wal-Mart, Devin pulled off to the side of the road to get some pine needles for that detail you see there.  He just laid those across when painting the second color to give that grassy/brush look. The detail, especially up close, is awesome.

If you asked Devin what else someone with a lot of free time should  do, he would tell you: indexing.
He's indexed over 600 names in the past week or so and is becoming a pro - totally passing me up!  But it's a good competition to be winning, right? Also, if you are nervous to start because it seems too technical, there are so many people willing to help and show you, just ask!
Unfortunately I don't get to go to BYU's Tuesday devotionals because I am in the elementary school during that hour but Devin got to go with his cousin Jacobie this week and guess who was speaking?

Thomas S. Monson, the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Our very own prophet - messenger of the Lord - on our earth today.  I remember the feeling of being in the Marriott Center with 22,000 others as he walks in and waves at everyone and always begins by telling us he loves us and you know he means it.  He is known for his wonderful ability to tell stories - every one of his talks ever, I'm pretty sure, has had some kind of story in it that has a way of personalizing his message.  Devin was able to share some of these stories with me and hopefully soon you'll be able to get on to this website to listen to the devotional he gave, but for now you can go here  to watch/listen/read his latest messages from October's General Conference.  
One of my favorite things about November is getting the General Conference Ensign issue and being able to go back and read some of the talks we loved or ones we may have dozed off during (what? who does that...).
Happy November! 
Let the thankfulness begin... 
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