November 7, 2011

"The Rain in Spain..."

AYYYY  EEYYYY EIYYYYY OHHHHH YAOUUUUUU!! (a-e-i-o-u)  I just felt like yelling that as I walked into my classroom this morning - I've had all sorts of songs/funny sayings stuck in my head since we saw My Fair Lady this weekend :)

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The play is even better than the movie, go see it.  Especially on a Tuesday, Thursday, or a Saturday...we went on Saturday and LOVED the Eliza Doolittle actress - beautiful, effortless voice, and very charismatic!

In other news, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS: THANK YOU!  Sunday felt like the longest day ever, especially since we had stake conference at 10 am instead of church at 2:30 like usual, so we had alll this time to kill/enjoy/relax after 12:30.  We enjoyed it thoroughly, despite always thinking it was 3 hours later than it really was. 

My teacher is having me teach all the lessons tomorrow and Wednesday, wish me luck!
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