November 1, 2011

Pre-Halloween Part II

Weekend away: I really wanted to go to Gardner Village for my birthday but with it being in the middle of the week, I couldn't take the time to get that far away so we went up to Salt Lake this weekend to finish celebrating and enjoying the beautiful weather while we have (had) it!

If you can't tell, the whole month of October at Gardner Village was "Witchfest".  I loved it, the creativity was superb :)  I have to admit, it was a pretty girly place - lots of cute little shops with fall/Christmas decor, quilting and craft shops, furniture displays, etc. so I felt bad dragging Devin around but he was SUCH a good sport about it and hardly complained, <3.

The only thing worth the money we spent on the "Ride to a Witch" was this picture below:

Afterward we used a birthday coupon to eat dinner there at Archibald's Restaurant - YUM!  You have to try it - I had a hot turkey open-faced sandwhich and mashed potatoes and it made me SO excited for Thanksgiving!  Devin's pasta was scrumptious, too.

Devin's cousin Jane and her husband, who I've never met, flew in from NYC so we had a cousin's party at Abram's apt in SL and he so graciously let us spend the night there after Gardner Village.  That boy knows how to host! Comfiest air mattress, pumpkin muffins and granola for breakfast, chauffeuring us to and from Temple Square, then bread bowls and soup for our cousin's lunch :)

This was my first time going to Music and The Spoken Word, loved it!  Short and sweet but such a great way to start a Sunday morning. Best weather for walking around Temple Square, also.  Wish we could have care-free weekends like that all the time...
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  1. I LOVE Gardner Village! I go with you whenever you want :) I love the shops. I hear it decorated really cute for Christmas too