October 13, 2011


Define - Practicum: Spend time in a real elementary school, plan some lessons, observe some lessons, teach some lessons, don't wear jeans.
For some reason my teachers haven't really felt like telling us exactly what to expect when going into the schools, so this is the only real definition I can give you.

What I do know, however, is that starting on Monday (until the end of Fall semester) I get to go to a 2nd grade classroom every week on Mon Tues Wed for the whole school day.  The first couple days I get to just sit back and observe, but after that I guess I'm gunna jump right in...I'll teach at least 8 lessons (that I know of) over the course of the next 7ish weeks and whatever else my mentor teacher wants me to do.

With that being said, I'm sure there will be lots to share. Things I don't want to forget. Things I'm learning, hilarious things kids say, how elementary school is so different from when I went, etc. So I'm making it a goal to write something every day. the good and the bad. So, on the right hand side of my blog there will be a little link titled "My Other Life" where I will post these experiences. 

My teacher's last words to us today were this (as she poured the ingredients into a bowl):
Cohort Recipe for Success
  • Take care of your life (LIFE cereal)
  • Be yourself...we're all a little nutty, let your talents shine (mixed nuts)
  • Stay grounded in what you've learned (granola...not sure why)
  • Grin and bear the difficulties (raisins...because no one likes raisins, haha)
  • Savor the sweet things (M&Ms!)
  • The bread of life, stay spiritually strong and true to yourself (pretzels)
And that's the goal...wish me luck!

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  1. All I can say is.....what a lucky group of 2nd graders!! They will fall in love with you and go home and tell their parents all about the new---nice---pretty teacher they have!! Good luck! I can't wait to read "my other life".
    Love you

  2. You've been ready for this since YOU were in 2nd grade! Remember your first teacher planner book? Can't wait to hear your experiences, thoughts & impressions. So proud of you!