October 11, 2011

Of all the days...

In my 9:00 class this morning we were scheduled to do a Book Club - the only period so far where showing up to class and participating was a MUST and points for the assignment could not be made up.  So of course, of all the mornings, this is the one that my phone decides to die in the middle of the night (which means no alarm clock) and I wake up to Devin frantically waking up saying it's 8:49!  me: WHAT?! I sat up so fast. (somehow not smacking my head on the shelf right above my space on the bed that I always have to be so careful to avoid).

Long story short: I got to class at 9:05 and wasn't even the last one to class. miracle, I tell you.
thanks to:
-me having my clothes and everything already laid out, ready to go so I don't wake Devin up while getting up in the morning
-us ignoring the sign that says "no passenger drop-offs past this point" so that Devin could drop me off closer to the building
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  1. Jordan and I somehow missed our alarm this morning too! Unfortunately Jordan did miss his class....which coinsidentally happened to be "the most important class of the semester."

    Good work on being so speedy!