October 16, 2011

Almost Campers!

Devin and I made plans to go camping Friday night.  While I was at school, work, studying for a test, and taking a test, Devin was gathering camping supplies, chopping a big dry branch off of a tree in front of our house to turn into firewood, and getting ingredients for our yummy campfire treats.  I came home to the car already packed, so we took off!
  We searched far and high up Provo Canyon but everything said no overnight camping and no open fires, or you had to reserve a spot and pay.  With all the work Devin did to get ready we were not about to give up, even though it was already 8:00 p.m., so we headed out to Utah Lake to a spot Devin and his friends named "Crows Landing" - where they went camping at a few years back.
Looks like a great spot, right?  Perfectly wooded, nice and dry, awesome firepit. Mind you, this was a couple years ago, like I said.
Well, we got there and found somewhat of a swamp.  
 Not any puddled water where we actually were but there were plants ALL around us, many of the leaves on the ground were a little wet....and bugs. Oh my, there were all kinds of bugs - spiders, roly polies, beetles, daddy long-legs, etc.
See those crazy bushes? Yeah, so we did end up building ourselves an awesome fire to give us some light to put up the tent, because we were determined!  Thank goodness Devin got lots of dry wood:

And here's our lovely camping spot:
Once our fire died down a bit, Devin whipped out his handy Alaska knife to get our dowels ready to make"doughboys".  I was up to my elbows in biscuit dough, pie filling, and whipped cream so I didn't get a picture but here's the "recipe" and here's a pic I stole from online:
copyright: Pillsbury
Basically you just wrap the dough around that dowel and then after it cooks you have a nice center for your pie filling and whipped cream. SO delicious!
After seeing some insects mating and seeing a spider on the outside of our tent, we decided that we were NOT staying the night out there.  We made good use of Devin's preparation and felt perfectly comfortable heading back to our nice warm house with our comfortable bed so we hurriedly packed everything back up and shook out our tent the best we could.  
All in all, it was a beautiful night with the weather being as beautiful as it is (it's been in the 70s during the day and only about 10 degrees cooler in the evening).  Even though we didn't camp, we accomplished our goal of getting away and enjoying the fresh air!

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