October 5, 2011

I hope the call me on a mission...

Sister April Atkin:
April went into the Missionary Training Center last Wednesday to prepare (as if she hasn't been already!) for her mission to Independence, Missouri where she will spend the next 18 months! To see her blog, click HERE.

      Somehow I was lucky enough to have her as a roommate through Freshman AND Sophmore year of college.  She was and is such a great example to me.  Even though I often came home after she was in bed she never judged me or complained.  She read her scriptures and knealt to pray every night and ever since I have known her she has talked about going on a mission which sounded so perfect because let me tell you:  If I were to have anyone teach me about something, it would be her.  If you know April, her happiness and love of the gospel, Jesus Christ, family, life, etc. radiates from every part of her being.  Did I mention her love for Physics and how I now feel obligated to love Physics after seeing how much she does?  That's a story for another day.
     I got to take a Doctrine and Covenants class with her the semester after getting married which was such a blessing to me because going from having April as a roommate to having Devin as a roommate was quite the transition.  Her smile, friendship, love of learning, and listening ear was so comforting.  She knows so much about the scriptures, how much Heavenly Father loves us, and how blessed our lives can be when we follow the commandments and I know she is going to be a wonderful instrument in the Lord's hand. So, if you ever make a trip to Independence, MO and stumble across my dear friend, "Sister Atkin"...say hello, talk to her, and I dare you not to feel happy just being in her presence :) Pin It

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  1. How fun to get a haircut! I can't tell how much you took off, but I'm sure it feels great :) I'm excited for April--I remember meeting her at your wedding and maybe we'll see her in Independence if we move to Kansas City next year! PS you should text me some things to do while in Philly this week,