October 3, 2011

Call Me Crazy

I haven't had my hair cut since last July.  There, I said it.  July, 2010.  BEFORE we got married. h-o-l-y c-o-w (which our nieces and nephews can say oh too well).  Needless to say, curly hair hides split ends pretty well but enough was enough.
My dear friend and trusted neighbor, Dana Lucky, has been experimenting with hair-cutting via youtube videos and after seeing her at church last week with a haircut she did on HERSELF, I surrendered.  White flag and all. I was her test dummy and although it was just a trim (because I actually love having long hair), it feels great. You know the feeling!

I don't know if you can tell in these pics but it is shinier and bouncier than I can ever remember, it's like the best "Happy October" present my hair could have asked for!
Sorry I didn't get a pic of you Dana, you're a pro.  Thanks!
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  1. Remember when I used to pull your split ends off during church? :)

  2. Much shinier and bouncier. You have such lovely hair! Yay for stylin' hair!

  3. Claire! We miss you! Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. I LOVE when people leave comments, but it was especially nice to see one from you since I was missing my PA (now UT) friends...hugs to you and Devin.

  4. I LOVE LOVE your hair--it always looks so nice--and it is all natural! That's the best part!!
    Love you and hope you are having a good week!