October 2, 2011


Marissa and Kyler dropped their kids off with me and Devin  for a couple hours on Friday while they went to the temple.  We love Ike and Ivy, they make everything more fun :)

Once we had them in the car we realized how observant Ike is:  Anything that could possibly be related to football he was sure to point out to us.  Just seeing a football field made him want to stop and go to "the game" even though there was no one playing on it.  The best thing is when he points to the Y on the mountain and says "Bayou!" (bi-you, instead of B-Y-U, haha) we love it.
They had a long drive down to Provo from Idaho, so we took them to an awesome park by our house.  Ivy was so proud of herself for climbing everything she could and she thought Ikey was so brave for going down the "big slide" :)  They are going to be great older siblings to their soon-to-be little sister!

We got tickets for the Utah State game!  It usually drives me crazy when people wear non-BYU apparel to football games, especially when I see it on ESPN, but I had to take a picture of this little boy because I love it - his Eagle's jersey and Phillies hat.  adorable.

 Needless to say this was the BEST game we could have ever gone to so far this season, and probably for the rest to come.  Friday night football brings back the memories of sitting under the lights at high school football games which was one of my favorite parts of high school.  The weather was perfect on Friday - the sun went down fast enough that we weren't drenched in sweat by the time it was gone and the sky was beautiful as it went dark.

The score was pretty flip-flopped during the game, back and forth touchdowns with lots of time in between each one - enough to make it difficult to predict who would win.  BEST thing that could have happened: replacing QB Jake Heaps with Riley Nelson for the last 10 minutes of the game.  Riley was on fire, finding gaps to run through and receivers in just the right spots.  Finally with 15 seconds left and lots of pressure on him, he sent it to the endzone with a tip from our player into the hands of another, bringing us to the lead. 

I love that the announcer said not to rush the field after the game...but obviously no one listened.  He should have said "Don't rush the field after the game, Utah State isn't worth it" - because they aren't.  
But Riley Nelson is.
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  1. That game was so fun! We got tickets too! and we were in the south end zone as well. Funny!

  2. Whaaatt? You were? haha Our seats were pretty nosebleed, but yeah so worth being there!

  3. Mike & I were there too! We got some tickets from Paul. It was such a great game! Thank goodness for Riley

  4. thanks again for watching the kids. we really love you guys and appreciate everything you do for us. plus, the kids LOVE you too. Can't wait to see you guys next!